Maryland Environmental Service (MES) is a service organization that aids Maryland state agencies in meeting environmental management challenges. Within MES, the Geographic Information System (GIS) Services group's goal is to streamline environmental management processes by employing Information Techonology and GIS tools.

MES Agency Background and Vision

Today, we work with both governmental and private sector clients to find innovative solutions to some of the most complex environmental challenges. Our goal is to combine the public commitment to environmental protection with the private sector's efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness.

The agency offers its services at competitive rates and works on projects including water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, composting and organic products marketing, recycling and marketing of recovered materials, dredged material management and recycling, hazardous materials cleanup and engineering, monitoring and inspection services.

Service employees are involved in more than 402 environmental projects located in four states - projects that range in cost from $2,800 to $6.3 million. Our environmental scientists and engineers are available for analytical or engineering problems. Service employees design and operate state-of-the-art facilities. The agency's management team is made up of seasoned veterans of facility operations.

Our wealth of expertise is coupled with a commitment to strict environmental compliance and safe work practices. For more than three decades, the Service has been dedicated to preserving Maryland's natural treasures. This commitment is stronger today than ever before.